The memory of your dearly departed pet can live on.

Forever Fluffy gives you a central place to reminisce, remember, and honor your pet who passed away. It is also a place of community where other parents and owners can sympathize and understand what you are going through.

Create a lasting record of your pet. Their loyalty, their quirky habits, and the times you shared together.

We hope that your pet's memorial helps you celebrate the life of your pet while simultaneously encouraging the healing process.

  • Michael



    Joining the 2004 Teach for America corps in Washington, DC, Michael began his career teaching secondary math at the César Chávez Public Charter High School for Public Policy. After moving to New York City in 2007, he transitioned into computer programming and currently works as an entrepreneur and freelance developer. Outside of work, Michael enjoys piano and running.

  • Amy



    Canadian, paper cut survivor, and meditation practitioner, Amy’s first word was meow. Since then, she has loved and lost a cat and a couple of incredibly lovable mutts.